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Commissions are currently closed!

Important! I'm opening few extra slots for sketch commissions ,but I'm pretty sure I won't be able to scan newly made commissions between these dates:  27june-12july and 19july-14august. This means elongated time of waiting! Please order only if you're okay with that!


- I reserve the right to upload the commissioned picture in my deviantart gallery and/or include it in my portfolio
- I won't promote smoking in my art
- Usually I don't feel comfortable with drawing anthro art, but there are exceptions to this rule
- Actually I'm a huge fan of mecha art, so if you want some, ask away!
- Progress in % will be displayed in this journal.

thank you so much for considering commissioning me! :heart:

Price list:

Pencil commissions:

-portrait (for one chara): 30$
Leela by Lapis-Razuri

-waist up (for one chara):45$
Sharina by Lapis-Razuri

-fullbody (for one chara): 55$

shall we by Lapis-Razuri Winter's coming by Lapis-Razuri Hughbert Callaway by Lapis-Razuri Iri by Lapis-Razuri

(NEW) chibi/loli fullbody (for one chara): 25$
Chibi Robin by Lapis-Razuri

A4 sketchpage commission (12-15 sketches on one page) -120$
the penguins by Lapis-Razuri Sketchpage commission-Hydropalika by Lapis-Razuri

example: 2 characters waist-up=$90

NEW super-fast sketch commission! (messy but classy haha)

Far Beyond the World Voice Acting contest-WINNERS! by Lapis-Razuri only 15$ for a portrait, 20$ for a waist-up and 25$ for a fullbody

orders with references please send by NOTE, thank You : ) :heart:

Unfortunately, shipping is not available!

1. :iconhijirina:
2. :iconkarikurai: (fast waist-up sketch commission) (paid)
3. :iconarielyiningloh: (references sent)
Hello! I'm writing this journal in hope of interesting you with a very useful, yet simple device created by my boyfriend, which is often used also by me for redrawing/animating/fixing purposes :) Rightbox is basically a lightbox which lights up the sheet of paper from the underside, while drawing. To see what it does exactly, click on the link to the campaign here:…

Mochi on RightBox

Rightbox can come up in various colors, as :iconvertor: is willing to paint one for you, also, you can do it yourself, as RightBox is made of materials perfect for decoupage.

Thank you so much for reading! And even if you're not interested in buying, I would be really happy if you could spread the word around! thanks again!
The f.a.q journal is now updated! I hope this makes up for my recent delay in replying question messages. :heart:

Q:How did your style evolve? Were you inspired by a certain artist either on dA or somewhere else?

A: My biggest source of inspiration were my friends, who had the same interests as me. We've been meeting every weekend just to draw together and have fun. One of these friends was :iconmegan-uosiu: She proved to me that everything can be achieved just with hard work, which is what I strongly believe up until now. First few years of my artistic journey were strongly affected by popular anime shows - mostly Gundam Wing, Naruto, Loveless, in this order. Later on I concentrated completely on a style which I could call my own.

Q: are you a student at animation? or did you finish animation college? or an regular art college?

A: I'm a graduate of Art of New Media at Polish-Japanese institute of Information Technology in Warsaw, majoring in animation.

Q: Do you have any favorite video game series? Anime? Or Cartoon series?

A: My favourite game for the PC platform is the first "Rayman" game. I was so into it back when I was 10-11 that I've been even drawing fanarts! My number one game for consoles would be "Ace Attorney" series and "Professor Layton" series. When it comes to anime, it would be "Shingeki no Kyojin" "Uchuu Kyoudai" (Highly recommended even though it's not that popular outside Japan. It should be!), "Death Note" and "Gundam Wing". My favourite non-japanese cartoon is "Gravity Falls".

Q: How much do you work every day?

I try to draw at least for 8 hours a day.

Q: When have You started drawing?

A: Shortly before I started using my first DA account: :iconshinigami-chan02: . it was around 2003.

Q: Do You have a favourite pencil?

A: Not really, my pencils tend to break so often I try to not get fond of them. but I indeed have favourite pencil leads- it's pentel B. I've tried many leads before but only with these I'm 100% satisfied.

Q: Which techniques do you use and which one is your favourite?

A: I simply love experimenting with techniques and every time I take up on a new detailed illustration, I try to make it in a slightly different way to improve my versatility. Recently I started experimenting with Ambient Occlussion and it's been very fun to do. My favourite technique would be combining traditional sketch with digital coloring, giving the piece rather warmer tones.

Q: How do you shade/mix the colors? Have you learned it from a teacher/tutorial?

A: I've learned basics of fast shading at an architecture course. I like to think that my way of mixing the colors is my own invention. Plus, pink overlay is my best friend.

Q: Do you still do "practice sketches" everyday? Do you think it is essential to learn how to draw properly?

A: I strongly believe so, yes. I try to make practice sketches everyday, almost always outside home. At cafes, restaurants, trains, buses.

Q: Is it better to draw from photos or from life?

A: Definitely from life. Drawing 3-dimensional objects teaches you a lot about lighting, which is hard to comprehend just by studying flat pictures. Also, life drawing teaches you speed, teaches you how to quickly choose lines that defines the subject. It teaches creativity, instead of just copying. This is just my opinion

Q: Do you have a steady job? Can you live of your art?

A: Yes, I do have a game in a Game Developing Company, however I'm not stopping here, because what I really would like to do in life is to work in movie, animation or comic industry. I can live of my art and I see my future as an artist in bright colors. I do love my job!

Q: Do you enjoy working for customers or would you like to just concentrate on your own projects?

A: I'd love to have more time for my personal projects, but I do enjoy working for my customers very much, as I often draw subjects I would probably never take up on while drawing for myself. Also, well, how to put it. You don't smile at cheese you bought for supper. Ok maybe some of you do. What my point is, when I send off a finished commission, many customers reply with a note of joy. I feel like I sell happiness, and that feeling is glorious. I'm very thankful for that, once again, I love my job.



Fanart Sketchblog


Old DA account. Check for fun!


I finally found some time to do this! :heart:
ok I'll keep it short
there's this person :iconmisterkay: who happens to be one of my fav artists out there and recently he created a Patreon page where you can support him:
The guy's absolutely fabulous and I really think he deserves more support! It's really worth it, he draws a lot of content and it's top quality!
In addition, I can tell you that I just read his patron-only TigerxBunny doujinshi and, uh, what can I say...sexiest thing I've ever seen? Q-Q :heart:
SO YEAH, GO SUPPORT :iconmisterkay: ~!!

-one crazy fangirl
Oh, how I've missed this place :giggle:
Last 4 months were full of extreme changes for me, including getting my first steady job in gaming industry (which turned out to be very time-consuming), moving out and starting living on my own. But! After some time I finally found a way to cope with this mess and I'm back with new art, which I hope to upload every week. Also, I'm very sorry for not replying many of new comments/notes during these past few months, you have to believe me that I simply have had no time. :(

I reactivated my tumblr accounts (razuri/jeanlubipieguski), I'm surely going to upload some new art there, so I encourage you to follow me again, if you did. :) and yes, I'm livestreaming right now! :)
Hello everyone! How are you?
Today I'd like to give a feature to wonderful gifts I received on my birthday (10th September) and to the best works of some of my watchers! Please have a look and hope you'll enjoy browsing! If some of the works match your liking, don't forget to give away some faves and/or comments! Cheers! :heart:

^///^ Birthday Feature:

Olivier by EveissGift for Razuri by KGX347Olivier's Jam by Daandric
HB Gift-Olivier and Claude by Loreen Far beyond the World by AishishiMarco, so much Marco. by Rabbicorn
Olivier Fanart - For Razuri by cindyjeans:Gift: Margaret by Doria-PlumeHappy Birthday Raz!! by justvrit~Happy B-Day!~ by candykikiBerenika (Birthday Gift for Razuri-chan) by TanoshiiGirlBerenika by crazy-fruit

Watchers Feature!:

Dragon-Horse Dakarai - Sculpture by EscaronPortrait #2 by PhoenixgemTrick Up Her Sleeve by PlainlyAwesomeIllegibilus: Hamish Portrait by rowKadan Lightning Surge 02 by LovironDmieli by upui.:COMM2 Solceress:. by Kats-tanFC: Wichurka by arielmeowvoltage by FisukenkaAnewi creating her daughters by thevlankocosmos flowers by BTina05:LU: pokojowe - Atzin by birbinesSpace in a bubble by TinyShiroI will guard your forest by DaandricMGS Covers by ReaperClampTouch the sky by HoshinoDestinyNever let go of Spring by by-MKFC: Milzis Princess by KawaiiJumiAuction winner : Desired Jinx by i-Anzucall me morbid by vjorgenSeriously by SketchyRaeKiosho by LeniuuThe Last of Us by MangoMilkPawBulbasaur evolution by razledazle'I'm ready for you' by Lee-KateFelix The Unlucky One by SomedaySakuhinArchangel Michael by xXNejiten4everXxDSA - Nualia Silberschwinge by HydropalikaFriends are for peasants. by My-Sword-is-BiggerCrack a smile by newtstomeBit
YOU GUYS ARE IMPOSSIBLE ;A; :heart: :heart: :heart: I got so so many fantastic wishes from you today I'm gonna tear up HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO REPLY SO MANY MESSAGES YOUR'RE CRAZY Q---Q I'll try anyway
But honestly guys, thank you so much for being endlessly supportive for me, you may not be aware of that but it's really, really important for me and supportive people on DA is seriously what keeps me going and trying my best.

Also, I'd like to let you all know that your wishes came true because I really did have a great day today! It was my first day at work as a character designer ///// For now I can't tell you more than that but I do hope I'll be able to share some of my new work with you! :heart:
If not, I'm still going to show you how I'm progressing with my comic soon! I'm sorry it takes me so much time to show you ANYTHING related to FBTW or CS, but while I was writing the scenario, script, storyboard....That was when I realized how much work lies within a comic BESIDES actual drawing. It's not like I wasn't aware of that - but now after finishing the scenario I realized that making a comic is actually around 50% writing, 50% drawing. (And I don't feel that confident as a writer so it naturally takes me more time to write down the story and make sure that nothing defies basic logic and good taste xD
Also, commissions, I'm coming back with uploading new ones in few days! >v<

thank you so much once again and have a great day! :heart:
Hi guys!
Just wanted to let you know that I won't be active here/on tumblr/ on facebook for some time as I'm working on Far Beyond the World :heart:
thank you for your neverending support and some new drawings of my characters ;w; :heart: (featuring them here because why not :heart: :heart:Olivier and Claude by kanapy-art  sketches by MikiMonster   PTCOMM: Claude and Olivier by villainesayre  Claude, Olivier and Antonine by mrdouggers144Raffle: Claude by Okumu Maugorzata taka suodka... by AviAlexis25 Claude and Olivier Again by infamousrun4life that gun is loaded by jaeDPbutterfly by MikiMonster Commission: Olivier by zeus-arts Claude and Olivier sketchdump by infamousrun4life
fwee back to work! :la:
see you soon!
Hi there, everyone!

I don't know how much you're into reading about my personal projects, but I thought I might share with some of you some info about what I'm up to in the next few months!
As I mentioned before in some of my journals and latest deviations, I won't be taking new commissions in the nearest future. Thank you, everyone who commissioned me, for your support and trust. Drawing commissions really helped me boost my skills, experience and confidence as an artist. It was really fun and it was the greatest pleasure to see my commissioners so satisfied with the results of my work. :heart:

From now on I'd like to spend my time on my comic projects - "Far Beyond the World" - the most important, "The Cartographers Saga" and short JeanMarco doujinshi. Drawing "Far Beyond the World" has always been my biggest dream (I created the story 10 years ago), so it gets the priority here. :) This includes the comic and the short animation (the one I've been working on).

Let's see... At the moment I'm writing the script of most important facts, plot twists and dates (the story is pretty much complicated - I need to write all facts down, so I don't forget), ,refreshing some pages I've drawn arleady, and completing character designs.

What next... Oh yes, I'm currently completing the second issue of "Apricot" sketchbook! It will be available to buy in few days :) In this year's issue I have many various style exercises and a tutorial regarding scanning and editing traditional artworks. :heart: Also I'm planning special discount for my previous PDF books c:

Lastly, also this year I'm going to be a tutor at Manga&Anime Camp organized by Orion Travel Agency :D This means I'll probably absent on the internets between 23rd July and 16th August. Gotta have lots of fun with my kids, heh heh :heart:

Out of topic, but very important
I'm sorry If I haven't replied to your note/ important question/ other, yet! Reading through all my messages gets hard at times, thank you for understanding.

Wish me luck!

Hello guys! I'm very sorry for such a shameless advertisement, but maybe some of you are interested in buying a japanese kimono for photoshooting/cosplay purposes? My boyfriend :iconvertor: (who just came back from Japan one month ago) has bought some pretty women kimono near Toji Temple in Kyoto, hoping to reclaim some money he spent on all the manga paper and other tools for me XD

Here are some photos:

 photo DSC04566_zps36bd57e4.jpg


 photo DSC04592_zps8c8a641b.jpg


 photo DSC04554_zps73d45856.jpg


Some more information:
payment by paypal
Size: Fits from 4'11"(150cm) to 5'9"(175cm) height
Max hips size: 4'3"(130cm)
Made from 100% silk
Very good condition (would be perfect if not for the few tea-like drops on the inside of 2/3)

that's it, if you're interested, please contact me or :iconvertor: for more information ^v^

:iconasuhan: is open for commissions! She was hoping to buy some new art supplies but she's short of money. She's a very skilled artist, so if you're interested, please take a look!

OPEN FOR COMMISSIONS! 5 SLOTS OPEN!Hey guys, I am still open for commissions, I need to get more into work and need to earn some money that I could save for more art gear in the future! C:
1. Ai-Rin (PAID) (IN PROGRESS) :bulletorange:
2. Carotah (PAID) (DONE):bulletgreen:
3. Ina (facebook) (PAID) (DONE) :bulletgreen:
4. chriCompleX(PAID) (IN PROGRESS) :bulletorange:
5. Latofoot(PAID) (DONE) :bulletgreen:
I really hope this fall into interest~ <3
Thank you!

For Polish only:
Jeżeli jesteś studentem to bardzo proszę w imieniu koleżanki o wypelnienie ankiety, potrzebnej do pracy magisterskiej, dotyczącej czasu przeznaczonego na sen. -:iconanikakinka:

Potrzebna pomoc w wypelnieniu ankiety!Jeżeli jesteś studentem to bardzo proszę w imieniu koleżanki o wypenienie ankiety, potrzebnej do pracy magisterskiej, dotyczącej czasu przeznaczonego na sen.
Z góry dziękuję!

and last, but not least:
:iconvillainesayre: has lately started a BL comic. She has a very nice style and the comic is in really good quality, so if you're into boys love comic books, it's a must see!

thank you for your attention and have a great day! :heart: :heart: :heart:
Well, hello there! :aww:

I wanted to let you know that this year I'll be attending MCM London Expo in Great Britain, which is between 23th and 25th May c: I'll be having a booth with fellow polish artists, :iconanikakinka: and :iconmonikapalosz: . This is my absolutely first convention abroad so I'm both very nervous and excited :giggle:
I worked hard to prepare some fresh art for postcards and posters :heart: I already sent the pictures I'll be using over to the printing house, so I can share what I'll be having in my stock:
Little Quail by Lapis-Razuri The illusionist by Lapis-Razuri Home by Lapis-Razuri Brofist by Lapis-Razuri Slavic Summoner by Lapis-Razuri Welcome by Lapis-Razuri Tobias and a whale by Lapis-Razuri Fifty shades of blue by Lapis-Razuri Trust me I'm a hero. by Lapis-Razuri  

Mature Content

Varsity Jacket Jean by Lapis-Razuri
Reunited by Lapis-Razuri These pictures will be available as postcards and/or A3 prints (pictures might be slightly cropped/edited to fit the printing size).
I'll be also selling my artbook (It's a collaboration with :iconanikakinka: ) Hearts and Chocolates 2 artbook for Vday 2013 by Lapis-Razuri Hearts and Chocolates 2 bw artbook photos by anikakinka and sketch commissions~! The drawings will be done faster than my usual work, but it's going to be also cheaper, so If you're interested, bring some references along! (and don't get scared if I take you for a private talk about your precious character :iconimseriousplz: )

Since I still have around 2/3 days before the deadline, I might be able to produce some more art :aww: Unfortunately, still no comic this year. (Hearts and Chocolates artbook contains a comic but it's only 11 pages, so...) . But after I'm done with 2 remaining commissions I'll be ready to work on suspended projects :heart:

My last question:

*rises eyebrow* It's the day. The scanning day.

-edit- okayy...I think I'm done. 47 files of drawings xD *slowly uploads*
:D :heart:
edit: thank you! :D ^v^Will come back to you later as soon as I get some more points :heart:
Hello guys!
Just 4 days ago I arrived to Goole, Great Britain to visit my friend :iconclaudelaide: Cheers to all deviants living here! :D
I'll be spending 3 weeks here and visiting places like Doncaster and London :D (But also I'm working hard on commissions 4 days a week, so don't you worry, I'm not being lazy!)
Actually, I was thinking if you could help me a little? I was about to make some trip plans for Doncaster/Sheffield/London, are there any places/events that you would recommend? :D Some restaurants maybe? Your favourite comedian having a show or something? Favourite bookstore? :D I would like to see as much as possible before I leave on 14th April :D Any suggestions will be very much appreciated! :heart:
What else. I'm slowly preparing for London Expo. This is going to be my first comic event/ convention abroad so I'm very excited! I'll have a stand there and I'm pretty stressed out. The event is just in two months and I still only have 92 pages of just one of my soon-to-be comic books... In sketch. And almost no personal artworks to make posters/ postcards from (It's true, all my best works are commissioned pieces!) *sigh* Aside from that, my animation project is still crying out to me, begging to be finished. I honestly want to work on it so bad it hurts. I really hope I'll find some time for it in spare hours between sessions of slaving on my comic.
Resuming working on my personal projects also mean that from now on I'll have to slow down with accepting new personal commissions. I'm sorry! I just have some dreams to make true and some friends to take care of. And some JeanMarco to ship.

Ok, that's it, take care!

Thank you  :iconjane-beata: for choosing my artwork "Sonja" Sonja by Lapis-Razuri to be today's Daily Deviation! :heart: :heart: This is my first daily deviation on a pencil drawing and fourth in total :la: I'm very grateful for all the support you give me and I promise to work even harder every day! :heart:

have a great day, everyone!

I've been waiting for this for so long and I think it is finally time :heart: ;w;
I'm announcing a KIRIBAN for the person who catches one million pageviews screenshot on my deviantart page.
The winner gets a colored drawing of one character of choice.
Please send me the screenshot through deviantart notes.
NO CHEATING. Believe me, I have my ways of checking out if the person is cheating or not, so send me a screenshot only if you truly caught 1.000.000 c:

Good luck! :heart:


Congratulations to :iconidhreen: for winning the kiriban game!

Later today, I invite you all to a celebrational livestream of painting the kiriban (if I won't get references by that time I'll just paint something I have on my to-do list :heart:

Thank you all, for being with me, for commenting and simply appreciating my work :heart: Deviantart feels like a home to me and it's all thanks to wonderful people who are active on this site. Thank you for one million pageviews and I promise to work hard for the next one :heart:




Old DA account